5 Surprising Secrets About Ice Cream Trucks By Ice Cream Truck Drivers

Ice cream trucks are a staple in all of our childhoods. Everyone would wait an entire hot summer’s day for when the ice cream truck would come into their neighborhood. Ice cream trucks are still around today, but not nearly as popular as they used to be.

There are tons of hidden secrets and fun facts about ice cream trucks that we just never knew! Some ice cream truck drivers just decided to spill the beans for everyone and let us in on the secrets.

1. It can get too hot for business sometimes

ice cream truck
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Record highs can usually mean a decrease in sales. If it gets way too hot, around 90 or 100 degrees, sales go down because people don’t want to be outside. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of the trucks themselves aren’t even equipped with air-conditioning, so the drivers are dying of heat.

2. Ice cream trucks don’t venture around neighborhoods anymore

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Some ice cream trucks might make an appearance in a neighborhood every now and again. However, most trucks schedule stops at events such as weddings, work picnics, or school functions. Since ice cream trucks just aren’t as popular anymore, they need to schedule themselves to make stops at events to make their business.

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3. They have secret stashes of ice cream to give away to special customers

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Some of the merchandise often gets damaged inside the wrapper, rendering it unattractive for sales. Some kids are aware of this and will ask the truck drivers if they have any “damaged ice cream” and the drivers are happy to give it away for those who are in on the secret.

4. They don’t always play the iconic ice cream truck jingle anymore

ice cream truck

Everyone always knew that the ice cream truck was coming when they heard that jingle. It could’ve been any song, but with a sing-song-y tune. Now, it seems that a lot of ice cream trucks are playing their own music. It goes as far as ’80s classic rock!

5. Sometimes their rivals will call the cops on them

ice cream truck

Usually drivers will have a permit to do business in their town. If at any point they venture outside their town and other drivers are aware, sometimes they’ll call the police on that wanderer and have them escorted out of town! Some of these aggressive drivers really do mean business.

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