4 As Seen On TV Products And Their DIY Home Comparisons

So, do “As Seen on TV” products actually work? And if they do, are they worth the money? Some of these products aren’t just one cost – they’re 3 installments of $29.99. We’ve all seen the ads for the last 20 years for various products and we’ve all wanted to know if any of them are as easy to use as their marketing suggests. Surely they have to be good if retailers keep cranking them out, right?

Household Hacker decided to put four different “As Seen on TV” products to the test to see if they actually work

Household Hacker

Not only did they put these products to the test, they also found the easy at-home DIY for each product as well. So, which one is better, the product or the DIY project? Find out below!

“As Seen on TV” Product #1: Egg-Tastic

Egg-Tastic/Household Hacker

The Egg-Tastic “instantly heats and keeps eggs at the perfect cooking temperature” and creates “tasty scrambled eggs in as little as one minute. Even makes perfect poached eggs.”

The allure to this is that you don’t need to dirty up any pans and that it cooks much faster in the microwave than on the stove.

In the test run, Household Hacker follows the instructions for 2 eggs (1:10 in the microwave) and the eggs came out pretty much exactly as advertised.

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However, if you don’t want to spend $10+ on this product, you can find the supplies in your kitchen (most likely). All you need is a big mug and a ventilated Tupperware lid that is about the same size as the top of the mug. Follow the same instructions and you’ll get the exact same results.

“As Seen on TV” Product #2: Rodent Sheriff

Rodent Sheriff/Household Hacker

Got pesky rodents? Rodent Sheriff is “safe to spray in your home or garden. Scent will rid of rats almost instantly” and it is “effective against mice, raccoons, roaches and more.”

However, this product isn’t long-lasting. After it is sprayed around the entire home, you will need to spray again about every 7 days for persistent pests.

You can create the spray at home (for less) by using peppermint oil, a cup of water, and a few droplets of dish soap. Not only is this less expensive and produces the same results, you can also create more at home.

If the spray has too strong of a scent or requires too much work because of how often you need to spray, you can also plant mint near all of your home’s entryways.

“As Seen on TV” Product #3: DrainWig

DrainWig/Household Hacker

There is nothing worse than a clog in your drain. The DrainWig “Catches hair. Prevents clogs.” The product is supposed to go in in seconds and you can leave it there for 2-4 months. Remove (and be really grossed out) and replace.

If you need something to get rid of a clog ASAP, Household Hacker has a quick fix. All you need is a zip tie! You’ll cut the zip tie up to mirror a different de-clogger, the Drain Snake, and create a little handle with a separate zip tie.

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The zip tie method will remove a clog instantly and will also probably make you gag after doing it. Unlike the DrainWig, you’ll need to toss out the zip tie instantly, so it can’t stay in your drain for 2-4 months.

“As Seen on TV” Product #4: Speed Out

Speed Out/Household Hacker

If you have a damaged screw you need to get out, Speed Out “you can easily remove any stripped screw in ten seconds or less.”

The product claims it is as easy as two steps, but each step has some substeps that make it a little lengthy, but it is still very easy to use. Side A of the Speed Out drills out the damaged area on the screw, while side B digs in and extracts the screw.

However, out of all the “As Seen on TV” products, there are a plethora of DIY examples for this. You can use a rubber band method, a hammer method, pliers, or the duct tape method for this one. Household Hacker shows how to use each method in the video below.

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