20 Facts About “Gilligan’s Island” That Are Sure To Surprise You!

11. The Professor And Mary Ann Were Originally Left Out Of The Theme Song

Surprisingly, The Professor and Mary Ann were added into the opening song after actor Bob Denver, a.k.a. Gilligan, threatened to refuse the use of his name in the credits. The pair were then quickly added to the ending of the theme song.


12. The Role Of The Skipper Was The Most Difficult To Cast

Schwartz said finding the right actor to play The Skipper was the toughest role to cast. He wanted someone who was commanding, yet affectionate towards Gilligan. He definitely picked the right guy with Alan Hale Jr.!

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13. The Cast Was Originally Drinking Out Of Real Coconuts Until They Realized It Looked Awful On Camera

The show was keeping it 100% authentic with this move, but it didn’t end quite as expected. turns out coconuts aren’t that great for holding liquid. The cast changed over to more reliable materials after leaky coconuts ruined scenes.


14. Actor Russell Johnson, Who Played The Professor, Refused To Take His Shirt Off During Casting Auditions

I’m sure the producers had good reason to want to see the male cast sans shirts, it was an island show after all, but Johnson refused to strip down. He was obviously still cast for the part despite his inhibitions.


15. The Entire Cast Didn’t Get Along With Actress Tina Louise, Who Played Ginger

Actress Tina Louise is said to have been a bit of a snob during the three seasons of ‘Gilligan’s Island.’ And because of this, the rest of the cast kept their distance. In fact, actor Bob Denver refused to pose for photos with Louise on some occasions.Louise wanted to be the star of the show and claimed to appear on ‘Gilligan’s Island’ ruined her career as a “serious” actress. Harsh.


16. The Studio City Lagoon Was Turned Into A Parking Lot In 1995

The original lagoon for the show was in Malibu, but fog created too many issues. Instead, they relocated it to Studio City where it was drained and turned into an employee parking lot in 1995. A sad day indeed.


17.The Skipper, Actor Alan Hale Jr., Broke His Arm When He Fell Out Of A Coconut Tree

Hale missed the landing pads when he fell out of a coconut tree on set. That may not seem like such a big deal, but the fact Hale continued to film instead of seeking treatment for his very real broken arm proves his dedication. He said he didn’t want to interrupt the filming— what a BAMF!

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18. Actress Dawn Wells Is The Only Cast Member To Still Earn Money From The Show

Our little Mary Ann was also a smart businesswoman. Her talent agent husband of the time suggested she add an amendment to her contract before signing, and the show agreed to it. Instead of receiving the standard salary per episode, plus revenue from the first five reruns of an episode, Dawn Wells is still being paid from her work on ‘Gilligan’s Island!’ That’s some serious foresight on her part!


19. Natalie Schafer, Who Played Mrs. Howell While In Her 60s, Did Most Of Her Own Stunts

Another BAMF, Schafer, who was in her 60s while filming ‘Gilligan’s Island,’ insisted on doing most of her own stunts. She went on record in a 1965 Chicago Tribune article to credit her swimming and crash diets with her staying in shape for the role.


20. The Character Mary Ann Was Originally Cast As A Secretary Named Bunny

Our beloved Mary Ann almost didn’t exist! The part was originally supposed to be a secretary named Bunny, who had no resemblance to Mary Ann. I think I can speak for everyone when I say I’m glad it didn’t work out with Bunny!


Below are some Gilligan Highlights!

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