16 Times People Were Too Lazy To Decorate For Christmas, They Came Up With Genius Solutions

Check this one out! It’s not a real person of course, but it was real enough to get some neighbors to call 9-1-1. Sadly, the homeowners had no choice but to take the man hanging from the side of the house, down. Party poopers!


2. So many of us love putting ornaments up on our Christmas tree but hate taking them down.

Now, this is how you taking wrapping to a whole new level during Christmas. With a bit of Saran wrap, you can ensure that all of your ornaments and tinsels stay right where they are. And next year, all you have to do is unwrap and fluff the tree.


3. Sure, it’s all fun celebrating a white Christmas when it’s actually cold and snowing in December.


4. When celebrating the birth of Christ, you can always go for a more minimalistic approach.

It is a celebration of his birth for Christ’s sake, no pun intended. Also, think of all the money this family saved on decorations simply by using a Happy Birthday banner from their kid’s last birthday party. Awesome!


5. There’s always one house in the neighborhood that acts like a lighthouse beacon for Santa.

Then there’s the family who would rather not spend so much time doing so much to make their house look so lit! Besides, can you guess whose light bill is going to be higher next month? Spoiler, it’s the one on the left.


6. When your kids are bugging you to help them build a snowman outside, but you don’t want to.

This alternative is very doorsy, and at least you don’t have to worry about heat melting Frosty away. It’s simply a-door-able, and because it’s the entry door, your guests can snow themselves out after the party’s over.


7. Do you ever wonder why parents are always buying stuff for kids instead of Santa Claus bringing gifts?

It looks like the years have not been kind to Santa. Then again, delivering presents to every child around the world would take its toll on anyone. So, in this person’s home, Christmas decorations are looking more like “A Nightmare Before Christmas.”


8. When you’d rather not put up a lot of Christmas lights, but don’t want people asking you why.


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