15 Popular Vintage Hairstyles You Probably Never See Anymore

How many times have you changed your hair over the years? Some people stick with a tried and true hairstyle for decades, while others like to experiment with new hair trends. There have been so many different hairstyles within each decade cutting our list down to 15 vintage hairstyles was more difficult than we imagined. There are some hairdos we pray to come back and some that can (and should) stay gone forever!

Trends are always changing but vintage is forever. Sometimes vintage hairstyles and trends from decades ago come back in fashion. See if you notice any of these hairstyles that are now back in style. Enjoy our nostalgic list of popular hairstyles from yesteryear and see how many you actually admit to wearing!

1. Bouffant

Wikipedia | Vintage hairstyle Bouffant

Bouffant hairstyles were actually started in the 1700s! However, they became popular again in the 1960s. The hair is rounded up on top of the head. Even First Ladies in this time period wore this hairstyle.

2. Beehive

beehive hairdo
Wikimedia Commons | Retro beehive hairdo

Similar to the bouffant, the beehive hairstyle involves piling all of your hair on top of your head. However, you do so in a beehive shape. This hairstyle was also popular in the ’60s.

3. Shingle Bob

shingle bob
Wikimedia Commons | Single Bob Haircut

Bob haircuts are still around. They involve cutting the hair higher than shoulder length. The shingle bob was popular in the 1920s and involved sharp, short bangs and a short bob haircut.

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4. Victory Rolls

victory rolls
Wikimedia Commons | Victory Rolls Hairdo

Victory Rolls are curls on the sides of the face. They were started in the ’40s during WWII and are often worn by pinup girls.

5. Gibson Girl

gibson girl
Wikimedia Commons

While many people still wear The Gibson Girl, it isn’t considered beautiful anymore. This look exists of basically piling your hair messily on top of your head. The look was based on illustrations from the 1800s by Charles Dana Gibson.

6. Sausage Curls

sausage curls

Instead of loose curls, sausage curls were tight, vertical curls. This hairstyle was popular in the 1800s and again in the early 1900s.

7. Short Finger Waves

short finger waves
Wikipedia | Short Finger Waves

Women wore their short hair wavy in the 1920s and ’30s. They often wore it with a headband. You don’t see this hairstyle as much anymore, except perhaps on Halloween.

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