13 Saran Wrap Hacks That Mom Never Taught You

7. Keep your pets out of the plants


Similar to the spill-proof cup hack, simply cover the top of the pot with cling plastic wrap and stick the stems of the plants through the middle. You’ll never find your cat trying to get into the flower pot again!

8. Greenhouse for plants

Don’t Waste The Crumbs

Your plants can brave the cold weather! Wrap them up in with some saran wrap and some wiring to keep them protected from the cooler weather.

9. Painting protectant


Use saran wrap instead of tape when planning to paint any part of your house! Plastic wrap often covers larger areas compared to tape and it’s also much easier to remove at the end of the process.

10. Save your salads


You’ve been storing leftover salad all wrong. Most families just store their leftover salad bowl by slapping some plastic wrap on it and calling it a day. However, they’ve been forgetting the most important step! Drape a piece of paper towel over the salad before putting the plastic wrap on. This will ensure that your lettuce doesn’t go limp.

11. Silverware storage

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If you’re in the process of moving or just want to store away some extra silverware, this hack is for you! Simply plastic wrap the entire utensil holder instead of taking them out and storing them away separately. They will be ready 100% for use when you want to use them again!

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12. Solving common foot problems


This is a saran wrap hack and natural home remedy all in one that you might have heard about before. If you have issues with your feet, saran wrap some onion to the bottom of your foot overnight. You should wake up feeling a huge improvement.

13. Cleaning your stovetop


Cleaning off your stove top has never been easier. Soak some paper towels in ammonia and place them on the areas you want to clean, then cover them with saran wrap. Let it sit overnight and it should come right off the next day!

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