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4. Spooked


Halle Berry in lingerie, people were waiting to see that in a movie for a long time, and these people got their fill when watching Halle in the 2001 thriller, Swordfish. The film itself was an epic flop – if you pay any attention to reviews that is – but the film became memorable for one iconic scene. It received a ton of press just because it had Halle’s first topless movie scene, so that, if anything, caused people to flock to their local cinemas.

A computer hacker, played by Hugh Jackman, came into Halle’s room as she was stripping down. She was clad only in her bare essentials, some sexy black lingerie, when Jackman – lucky him! – spooked her, causing her to – unfortunately, as I’m sure many of you would agree – stop taking off items of clothing and point a gun at his head. The scene lasted a couple of minutes and is one of the most iconic, probably most watched scenes from Halle’s vast and extensive filmography.

5. X-Men Premiere


When attending movie premieres, most stars tend to get glammed up for the occasion, wear a stunning dress and fabulous items of jewellery, something of that sort. When Halle attended the X-Men premiere in 2000, she got glammed up alright, but not in the conventional sense. The premiere was in NYC in mid-July, so it must have been scorching, and Halle, instead of getting all hot and bothered wearing an uncomfortable dress she was only ever going to wear once and then discard, decided to wear something a little more casual – but still stunning – and walk the red carpet in her beach gear. Not sure how many people have worn that sort of attire to such events, but Halle was sizzling hot, rocked the look, and turned the premiere into a beachy soiree. It’s become a pretty iconic photo, and we, her fans, and even many of her co-stars have said how much they enjoyed Halle “hanging out” at the event.

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6. Bikini Time


People never tire of seeing the gorgeous Halle Berry on the beach in a bikini, and thankfully there have been plenty of those moments over the years, whether it’s the paparazzi taking snaps of her in her private life, or on the sets of a movie. It seems as if movie directors write her into such roles, because she has been in quite a few scene like the one depicted by this photo over the years, much to everyone’s delight. They know that Halle in a bikini will be an iconic moment in their movie, that it’ll help the movie sell.

James Bond films are always going to be popular, but the star cast of Die Another Day meant that more people than usual would’ve flocked to their local cinema, especially after seeing this shot from the film of Halle in her bikini. It’s become another iconic two-piece bikini moment, one of Halle’s best.

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