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7. How Much DID His Boots Cost?


One of Ric Flair’s most famous and well-remembered promo lines from back in the day is when he said on NWA television that “My shoes cost more than your house!” It’s hard to find a more classic line than that from The Nature Boy, even though there are admittedly plenty of amazing lines to choose from that came out of his mouth. Though the line does have us wondering about how much his wrestling boots cost, we have no problem believing Flair about the price of his shoes. This is most likely due to the hundreds of promos he cut showing off his $600 custom made Lizard shoes, but he never bragged about his wrestling boots. With his robes costing him usually around $30,000, we’re curious if his boots had the same price range. Turns out in his younger days, while making $200 a week, Wahoo McDaniel told Flair to buy some new boots. Flair ordered three pairs, which cost him $800. This is probably the closest we’ll ever get to finding out how much Flair’s boots actually cost.

8. His Feud With Shane Douglas


Shane Douglas is perhaps the only man in the wrestling business that Ric Flair has not been able to bury the hatchet with, and one of the few to still carry a grudge towards Ric Flair to this day. It’s almost bittersweet to look at it from Douglas’ perspective seeing how Flair was the reason that Douglas joined the business. Yet, Douglas also cites Ric Flair (or as Douglas likes to call him, “Dick Flair”) as the reason he was held back in WCW. He often criticizes Flair for his inappropriate actions in public, such as running around naked in a bar full of kids. Flair fired back at Douglas by calling Douglas a “clerk at KMart” as if he wasn’t even worth talking about. The two wrestled each other at WCW Slamboree 2000, but clearly, the match didn’t smooth over any tensions between them. Even as they continue to throw verbal jabs at each other to this day, at least they’ve been able to keep a safe distance from each other without coming to a physical altercation.

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9. Jerry Lee Lewis Inspired Flair’s “Woooooooooooo!”


Ric Flair’s iconic yell and calling card, “Wooooooooooooooo,” is arguably the most famous taunt to come out of the wrestling business. Flair doesn’t even have to be anywhere in sight for people to be inspired to “woo.” All it takes is a knife edge chop or a Figure-Four Leg Lock to occur in the ring for thousands of people in the crowd to “woo” simultaneously. There is not a soul on this planet who hears that yell and doesn’t immediately associate it with Ric Flair. However, once upon a time ago, people used to associate that yell with 1950’s country and rockabilly singer, Jerry Lee Lewis and that is who Flair claims inspired him to “Wooooooooo!” While this wasn’t something that Lewis was normally known for doing, he did do it as part of his most famous song, “Great Balls of Fire.” Apparently, Flair heard it in the song and decided to incorporate it into his act. The act caught on fast and it stayed that way as Flair has been “wooing” people for decades now.

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