12 Things You Never Knew About Halloween Favorite ‘Hocus Pocus’

Is Hocus Pocus your favorite Halloween movie? Many people love this classic Halloween movie from the 1990s and new people are discovering it every year. It is mainly a comedy but has some spooky Halloween elements as it follows three crazy witches who come back to life on Halloween.

Here are some things you may not know about this awesome movie. How many of these little-known facts did you actually know?

1. Max Dennison could have been played by another actor


Leonardo DiCaprio was originally offered the role of the lead Max Dennison but turned it down. He starred in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape at that time instead. The actor who plays Max, Omri Katz was sick during the first audition and almost didn’t get the role. He did better at the callbacks though and got the role.

2. Mary Sanderson could have been played by someone else too


Rosie O’Donnell was originally offered this role, but turned it down because she didn’t want to play a “scary witch”. Big mistake, Rosie!

3. The studio made seven statues


Do you remember the stone statue of Winifred Sanderson? The studio made seven of them in order to get it just right!

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4. It almost didn’t make it to theaters

hocus pocus

Hocus Pocus was originally going to be a Disney Channel original movie, but they decided to release it into theaters instead. It was oddly released in the summer though.

5. This is Bette Midler’s favorite role


During an interview in 2008, Bette Milder said that playing Winifred Sanderson was her favorite character she played yet.

6. There were deleted scenes


If you have the VHS or DVD, you may have seen the two deleted scenes.

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