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4. Jimmy Savile


Come on… some of these people just look so obvious that it seems rather unbelievable that they ever could’ve possibly gotten a job working with children in any capacity. One of those is Jimmy Savile. He was hugely popular on television in England. At one point, he hosted a show called Jim’ll Fix it in which he granted children wishes. In real life, not so much. After his death, a documentary was made that showed that he molested numerous teenage girls, and, in fact, pretty much everyone was totally aware of it, but no one did anything about it. The police were following up on what was said to be as many as 500 victims. It appears that Jimmy was a pervert, and he totally got away with it.

5. Paul Reubens


Even though Paul Reubens is on the list, I have to cut him at least a tiny bit of slack. The whole thing with him is that he was Pee Wee Herman, and if you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember how immensely popular he was. His whole thing was being this weird host of a children’s television show, but it really was all satire, and no one thought that, in reality, he was a total odd ball. The show was really for adults, not kids. Reubens was arrested masturbating in an adult movie theater and even told the arresting officer that he would do a children’s performance if they could make the arrest go away. This totally killed his career, although, over the past few years, he’s recovered to a certain extent and has gotten some decent roles.

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6. Rod Hull


Rod Hull was a guy who made his living with a puppet, and we have to say that most of us already think a guy like that is kind of odd. He didn’t do anything odd with children with the puppet, but the word is that he actually used to his puppet to grab women and put his hands between people’s legs. Well, I guess I would have to admit that qualifies as being perverted, wouldn’t you? Although it was kind of genius as well… who’s going to get all worked up about a man grabbing them with a puppet? Well, probably a lot of people, but they probably would feel pretty dumb about it. Hull died after falling off his roof a few years ago. There’s no word as to whether or not the puppet is behaving himself.

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