23 Ways Home Buyers Calculator Suite Can Help You

What Do You Want to Know?

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  • How much house you can "really" safely afford?  Home Buyers Calculator Suite can help you find the answer.  (Use the Mortgage Qualifier)

  • Do you want to see how rising interest rates will impact your monthly payment?  See the impact different mortgage interest rates can have on your home mortgage loan.  (Use the Loan Spread Calculator)

  • Home Buyers Calculator Suite helps you decide what mortgage term (length of loan) is best for your budget.  (Use the Loan Spread Calculator)

  • Compare the cost of renting versus buying.  Home Buyers Calculator Suite helps you determine how much house you can afford based on what you currently pay in rent.  (Use the Rent or Buy Calculator)

  • Show you how much to add to your monthly mortgage payment in order to pay off your mortgage by a chosen date.  (Use the Loan Amortizations)

  • Home Buyers Calculator Suite shows you how long it will take you to save enough for your downpayment.  (Use the Down Payment Savings Calculator)

  • And it shows you how much you may be able to save toward your downpayment over a certain period of time.  (Use the Downpayment Savings Calculator)

  • Do you want to make biweekly payments?  Home Buyers Calculator Suite will quickly compute your biweekly payment amount.  (Use the Biweekly Payment Calculator)

  • Everyone says you can save by making biweekly payments. Is it true? Calculate how much money and time biweekly payment can save can save you. (Use the Biweekly Payment Calculator)

  • Home Buyers Calculator Suite does "Time Value of Money" calculations. For example, if you know any three of these (loan amount, term, interest rate, monthly payment) you can calculate the one you don't know. (Use the Quick Calculators or Loan Spread Calculator)

  • Amortize a loan and generate an amortization schedule. (Use the Loan Amortizations)

  • Calculate your monthly payment of principal and interest (PI). (Use the Quick Calculators)

  • Calculate your monthly payment of principal, interest, taxes and insurance (PITI). (Use the Quick Calculators)

  • Discover how much you may qualify to borrow from your mortgage lender. (Use the Mortgage Qualifier or Estimated Closing Costs Calculator)

  • Are you concerned about the amount of money required at closing? Estimate for yourself what your closing costs might be based on a wide variety of options. (Use the Estimated Closing Costs Calculator)

  • Calculate your housing ratio and debt ratio. (Use the Estimated Closing Costs Calculator)

  • Do you think refinancing might be a good idea? Home Buyers Calculator Suite can help you determine whether refinancing would be a wise decision. (Use the Refinancing Calculator)

  • Show you how much time you can save by refinancing and continuing to make your current home loan payment. (Use the Refinancing Calculator)

  • Show you how much money refinancing can save you. (Use the Refinancing Calculator)

  • Show how prepayments will shorten the term of your mortgage loan. (Use the Loan Amortizations)

  • Print a checklist of documentation to gather before you apply for a mortgage loan. (Use the Loan Documentation Checklist)

  • Print a Home Inspection Form to help guide you as you look for a new home. (Use the Home Inspection Form)

  • Print a 4 page "To Do List For Movers" to help you prepare for your move. (Use the Movers' To Do List)

Home Buyers Calculator Suite is designed to answer a wide variety of questions regarding real estate financial math. Download Home Buyers Calculator Suite now and try it for yourself!

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